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tv   11 News at Noon  NBC  May 23, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> a massive tournedos warns --
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hit a missouri town. our big story, the pilot tornado was the deadliest u.s. twister's since the 1950's. it happened in the town of joplin and rescuers are spending the day searching through the rubble. >> this massive funnel cloud unleashed its. over joplin just before sundown. >> we saw it coming at us, everything flying through the air. >> this is awful. >> the tornado ripped through the heart of the city, leaving a path of destruction at least a half mile wide. 20% of top and is now dealing with many -- major damage, and in many areas, everything was wiped away. >> it was the longest three and a half minutes of my life.
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>> at least 89 lives were lost, and officials fear that number will climb. >> the city's initial priority is conducting a search and rescue effort. >> that work started overnight as search crews tried to make sense of the debris scattered for miles. >> we have a lot of unstable structure that we are trying to search and evaluate their safety. >> a tenuous situation for so many in the aftermath of the storm. >> here at home, we had a severe thunderstorm watch in effect until about 6:00 this evening. i do not expect anything to pop up until after 2:00.
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there are some storms trying to get going in the mountains right now in allegheny county. around baltimore, you have a couple of hours before the storms pop, but when they do, we could see storms with winds near 60 miles per hour. right now, it 80 degrees. it is also humid. do point is running at 60%. we will keep an eye out for those temperatures. we will be back in a few minutes to look at the seven-day forecast. >> our sister station kmbc traveled to missouri at the tornado site. see their coverage and all the damage at baltimore city police are investigating a stabbing in west baltimore. officers responded to that then
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the stabbing after they got a call about a fight. the victim was announced that at shock trauma. homicide detectives are investigating. one man is in custody in connection with a deadly stabbing in baltimore that happen on saturday night. police found a man stabbed multiple times. he was taken to the hospital but later died. baltimore police are on the lookout for a man they believe is responsible for at least two robberies. the first was at an exxon gas station on mount carmel road. the other was in a church parking lot, where a suspect rob and carjacked someone. the sheriff's office in carroll county is also looking for a robbery suspect. this one is wanted for robbing a roadside produce salesman. anyone with information should call the carroll county sheriff's office.
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a baltimore family is seeking the help of a congressman in the search for their loved one missing in libya. 31-year-old matthew van dyke went missing in march, writing a book about his travels in the arab world. his mother and girlfriend believe he was cap -- captured by gaddafi forces, and have enlisted the help of a ranking member of the house intelligence committee. >> just bringing attention to it. we thought from the beginning, getting his name on the situation out there the better. you do not know who might have information. >> his mother and girlfriend are encouraged by the news last week that libya released four journalists from captivity, two being american. president is -- obama is in ireland today. he is also visiting the town of
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his great, great, great grandfather on his mother's side. >> the president and mrs. obama arrived here with 3000 people waiting. this is the ancestral home of barack obama. the president tracing his roots back here since 1850 and his great, great, great grandfather, who was a shoemaker but left to head to the united states for a better living. the president will be meeting with many of the people here, despite the rain. he will be going into a pub, probably have a pint of guinness, and meet some bibelot who claim to be his cousins. -- that claim to be his cousins.
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later on, the president will be speaking. >> that is pretty neat. still ahead, bob from "the biggest loser" joins us for a preview for the season finale. and good news at the pump just in time for memorial weekend. how much prices have dipped and whether it is going to stay. and the volcanic ash in iceland
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>> fear of another air travel disaster in iceland after the country's most active volcano erupted. trans-atlantic flights were told to steer clear of iceland. the smoke plumes rise 12 miles into the sky but have not moved toward europe just yet. last year, a similar eruption caused delays in air travel. police make an arrest in a beating of a baseball fan outside the giants stadium. investigators say ramirez was the primary aggressor in the march 31 attack of brian stow.
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he remains in a coma at a san francisco hospital. police are searching for another suspect. still to come, we talk live to bob harper from "the biggest loser close code and find out about his new book and get a sneak peek to the season finale. and a new cancer treatment is helping patients when regular chemotherapy will not work. >> we could see strong sunlight -- thunderstorm this afternoon. partly cloudy skies at the moment. 80 d
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>> in today's consumer alert, it seems gas prices are finally going down. the average dropped 9 cents on friday. that is still 5 cents higher than one month ago. however, aaa believe the trend
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will continue. and this comes just in time for more and they travel. recent graduates are earning less money than those who got job before the crisis. the median salaries for 2009 graduates was $20,000. however, earnings before those was about $37,000. the future picture is not much better. and decreases in bay will continue throughout their careers. in today's medical alert, the medical team at the university of miami is putting heat on some cancers that are difficult to treat. the problem is the end domino cavity with tumor cells in the lining of the organ. regular chemotherapy does not very well, so they are turning up the heat in the operating room. >> right after the surgery to
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remove colon cancer, doctors at the university of miami hospital circulate a chemotherapy solution heated to 106 degrees fahrenheit. the one-time treatment is called hypec. >> it goes over the lining of the ballots, the stomach, and we need to move the patient in different positions for those 90 minutes. >> the heating of the chemo is key. >> it is the penetration of these agents through the layers of cells. >> a higher concentration of keno can be given this without the side effects. this is their first treatment than in january. the grateful patient says she is feeling great, four months later. >> sitting behind -- beside her is a woman who had the same
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treatment last month after her third recurrence of colon cancer. >> i am grateful to all of them for helping me, doing this treatment. hopefully, it will be the last time i have to do with this. >> the therapy is only being used for patients with cancer in the abdominal cavity from the lining of the intestine and colon. >> this increases your chances of survival. it has proven to be better than just the regular therapy. >> yoga may help women going through radiation treatment for breast cancer. a new study finds women who practiced yoga for one hour three days a week to run their radiation sessions had better overall health and were not as fatigue given their levels of stress hormone cortisol word level. "the biggest loser" and nellie
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is tomorrow and with me right now is trainer bob harper. >> how are you? >> great. tell me what we can expect tomorrow night. >> this season has been so incredible. these girls came into our house and took it by storm. you will see the finalists blow up the scale. >> we look forward to that. in addition to the show, you have written books on eating right. what motivates you? >> being on the show as long as i have, i am inspired by the contestants. these people come in, broken, they need to lose hundreds of pounds, and they trust the process. that is what keeps me going. i love being able to do what i do. >> how do you get them through those moments when they say i
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cannot do it? >> you just have to keep them in check. all the work they are doing will pay off. there are times when you get on motivated, but that is ok. >> i also heard that you recently decided to go begin. what has the adjustment been like? -- go vegan . >> it has been a big change. a lot of the contestants eat animal protein, which is all well and good, but i choose to make different choices. >> a lot of people watch your show and get inspiration, but there are some people out there who cannot get moving. what is your advice or the person wanting that says i just cannot do it? >> when you decide you need to make a change, you will have that motivation.
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one of the biggest mistakes people make is they tried to change everything at once. today is monday. i'm going to change the way i eat. i am going to exercise every day. it is too much. >> what is your future with "the biggest loser?" >> i start season 12th in june. they are keeping me extremely busy. >> it looks beautiful where you are. thank you. you can catch "the biggest loser" tomorrow night starting at 8:00. the two-hour season finale will be followed by "the voice." >> so far, so good. a thunderstorm watch in effect until 7:00 this evening. around baltimore, cloudy skies. temperatures close to 80 degrees but no precipitation.
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storms in the mountain will continue to develop over the next couple of hours and eventually to intensify and moved near baltimore. but that will not be until at least 2:00. if you are walking around the baltimore metro area, at least 3:00 before the storms start to affect central maryland. they are in the mountains right now, moving toward baltimore, and they will intensify. let's take a look at this graphically. a severe thunderstorm watch in effect for everyone west of the chesapeake bay until 6:00. of course, no warnings in there yet because storms have not reached severe limits in the mountains. a coastal flood advisory back in action for the western shore of the chesapeake bay. annapolis could see the high tide come in one, two feet above average.
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debitor-wise, upper 70's 280. dew points in the mid 60's. plenty of moisture to work with. we are going to see a wide swath of severe weather this afternoon, according to the storm prediction center, extending from new york into baltimore and the southern plains. wind gusts possible over 60 miles per hour, a slight chance for tornadoes. we showed you this video from missouri. they are getting hit again with severe weather. it does not look like there are any tornadoes in these thunderstorms, but they are getting strong storms once again. this whole system will be sticking around for the next couple of days, so the weather will not change much as we reach the beginning of the holiday
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weekend. high temperatures between 80 and 85. it will quiet down overnight. seven-day forecast. same thing through thursday. temperatures in a.d.'s, hit and miss showers. and then some good news going into memorial day weekend. it should clear up, nice weather on saturday and sunday with temperatures in the low 80's. >> up next, your maryland lottery pick 3 and pick 4 numbers. first, a look at how wall street is performing. stay with us.
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>> coming up this new, on new on "" para" -- "oprah" how well do you know oprah? you can take the quiz on our website, we have also posted a slide show of her hair styles through the years. tonight at 5:00, more on that part will tornado that swept through missouri. a path of destruction at least 6 miles long. tonight, the latest on recovery efforts. and a look at the unusual paths of tornadoes around the country. we will hear from experts on the severe weather. now, your maryland lottery pick
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3 and pick 4 numbers. >> good afternoon to you. angela jackson here. here are your pick 3 numbers. 2. 7. final number is 0. 2, 7, 0. those are your pick 3 numbers. pick 4 it is next. want to win a chance to see me or else take on the boston red sox? enter at your pick 4. 4. 4. 7. 2. 4, 4, 7, 2.
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the maryland lottery, let yourself play. >> we have a severe thunderstorm watch until 6:00, but it is not likely that we see anything impressive around baltimore until after 2:00. you can see some storms trying to get out of the mountains, but they are pretty weak at this point. a couple of hours before anything pops up. but they could produce wind gusts as high as 60 miles per hour. scattered thunderstorms in the picture until the end of the week. by the time we get to the holiday weekend, it should clear up. can you believe memorial day weekend is next weekend? the unofficial start of summer. >> just a reminder for everyone to have their batteries and phones charged in this unpredictable weather. >> it would be a great idea for everyone to go out and purchase
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a weather band radio. it can make a difference and literally save your life in certain situations. >> thank you for joining us this noon.
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